Social Enterprise WiseHer Helps Professionals Build Businesses and Careers From Home

Tuesday, May 26, 2020



Navigating today’s business climate is difficult on many levels. But there are resources that can help.

WiseHer is a social enterprise and technology platform that, under normal circumstances, provides on-demand expert advice and resources for professionals. The organization lets users book calls with top consultants, mentors, coaches and executives for both business and career advice. WiseHer mentors advise on a range of topics, from improving e-commerce SEO to climbing the ladder at a law firm.

And now, as many of us continue to physically distance, the platform can help us to remain socially connected, to continue growing our professional networks, and to get guidance as we navigate our businesses and careers. 

In fact, founding CEO Kathryn Rose came up with the idea for wiseHer amid a time of uncertainty in her own life: the 2008 mortgage market meltdown during which she had lost her job and delivered a baby all the while caring for a sick mother. She started a consulting company, which led her to realize the need for professionals to access one-on-one, on-demand guidance. WiseHer was born.

Then, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the WiseHer foundation, a project of the Giving Back Fund, launched, which enables healthcare workers and first responders to book free 30- or 60-minute sessions with experienced professional coaches on how to manage the unique pressures they’re facing.

On this episode of “The Grow Wire Podcast,” Rose takes us on her inspirational journey and explain how she picked herself up and started WiseHer, what she learned about entrepreneurs (especially female entrepreneurs) along the way, and where she hopes to take the platform in the future.  

Tune in to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube to learn more about WiseHer and how you can get the direction, help and advice you may need.