Go Behind the Scenes With Kristin Cavallari and Uncommon James

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

By Suzy Strutner, managing editor at Grow Wire

After learning of the “Grow Wire Show” featuring Uncommon James, many folks had questions about what it was like to produce a video series alongside Kristin Cavallari, the reality star turned entrepreneur whose young jewelry company recently ascended to uncommon heights.

Never fear--we’ve got you covered. In the behind-the-scenes video above, “Grow Wire Show” producer Kendall Fisher answers burning questions about working with Cavallari, including viewers’ most common ask: “What was she like in person?

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She also offers details on Cavallari’s leadership style, describes the vibe of the Uncommon James office and recounts how Cavallari responded to a slight social blunder of hers during the shoot. (Hint: There’s spittle involved.)

Check out the behind-the-scenes commentary above, and watch the “Grow Wire Show” featuring Uncommon James to find out how Kristin Cavallari persevered through the fear, the trials and tribulations to build a successful, globally-renowned brand that only continues to grow.