How Lead Edge VC Ron Gill Transformed Years of Experience Into Helping Startups Scale

Monday, December 3, 2018

By Kendall Fisher, executive producer at Grow Wire

What do you get when you take a long-time operator and CFO of major, mature B2B companies and put him into venture capital? You get an experienced company evaluator who insists that startups not just have an idea, but also a business model, even if that business model is relegated to the future. 

You get an executive who understands what success looks like.

This episode of the “The Grow Wire Podcast” features that person: Ron Gill, a former cloud software executive with companies like Hyperion, SAP and NetSuite who is now an operating partner with Lead Edge Capital.

Gill opens up about his many years of experience working with growing companies and their leaders, breaking down some of the biggest mistakes he’s seen as well as the advice he’d give other business leaders from that. He discusses the ins and outs of scaling a business and the pitfalls of growing too fast.

Moreover, as Gill takes on his new role with Lead Edge, he also reveals his projections for funding in the future, including areas to automate and applying cloud models in more niche spaces.

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