How Narinder Singh Turned His Biggest Failure Into Great Success

How Narinder Singh Turned His Biggest Failure Into Great Success

How Narinder Singh Turned His Biggest Failure Into Great Success

  By Kendall Fisher, executive producer at Grow Wire

  • On this episode of "The Grow Wire Podcast," host Jason Maynard sits down with serial entrepreneur Narinder Singh to discuss the importance of accepting failure as a building block for success.
  • Singh details his comeback after falling from Silicon Valley’s “darling” to a pariah in the Dotcom crash.
  • Hear his lessons on leading a business, and why some advice is simply not meant for you.

What happens when something you’ve worked so hard to build and grow comes crumbling down, almost overnight?

Well, the guest on this week’s episode of “The Grow Wire Podcast” has been through it, hoping to turn his lessons into advice for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Narinder Singh might best be described as a “serial entrepreneur” with tons of experience in tech innovation and product development. He’s worked for massive companies like Accenture, where he started his career as a coder, and SAP, where he developed corporate strategy. In 2006, he co-founded his own global services company, Appirio, delivering innovation to companies through emerging technologies. The company was acquired by India’s Wipro in 2016, and Singh bid farewell shortly thereafter.

Today, he’s focused on using technology in a different industry: healthcare. He hopes to find ways to improve medical delivery and decision-making through technology and artificial intelligence.

All of this may sound like Singh has been riding the wave of success throughout his career, but that’s far from the truth. Chatting with host Jason Maynard, he dives into the ups and downs of his experiences, including rising from the ashes and starting from scratch after the Dotcom crash. He explains how he fell from one of Silicon Valley’s biggest “darlings” to a pariah—within just a few months—and afterward, used the lessons he learned from that experience to build his own extremely successful company. Singh also delivers several pieces of solid advice for anyone who’s looking to rebuild after failure.

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You can learn more from Singh on his website.

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