2020’s Top Leadership Conferences for Both Entrepreneurs and Executives

2020’s Top Leadership Conferences for Both Entrepreneurs and Executives

By Justin Biel, trends editor at Grow Wire

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a small team or an executive at a Fortune 500, leadership conferences can help keep your skills sharp and prepare your organization for future success.  

The list of leadership conferences below serve as a guide for business people looking to find a leadership event that speaks to their style, area of interest and aligns with the stage of their personal leadership journey. 

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World Business Forum

What: Attendees from businesses of all sizes come to learn and find inspiration from great business minds, artists and sportspeople. Speakers for the 2020 event include leadership expert and author Simon Sinek, former Ford Motor Company president and CEO Alan Mullaly and Future Today Institute founder Amy Webb.

Who should go: Leaders interested in harnessing the power of people in conjunction with technology to drive business growth.

When: June 10-11, 2020

Where: Miami Beach Convention Center

How to attend: Buy a ticket here.

Cost: $2,090 for a special offer ticket (through Dec. 20, 2019), $3,090 for a regular ticket and $2,690 for VIP.


Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

What: Forbes hosts this four-day conference for young leaders, founders and creators hailing from a variety of industries. The event is an “immersive experience” with a focus on “connecting, learning, teaching and building,” per its website. There’s a varied and impressive lineup of speakers – 2020 includes tennis star Serena Williams, AOL founder Steve Case and actor and activist Sophia Bush – along with a music festival, pub crawl and community service day makes. In our opinion, the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit is one of the most high-profile and freshest conferences around.

Who should go: Entrepreneurs looking connect in a “hip” atmosphere and gather leadership tips from young high-achievers across a wide range of disciplines.  

When: October 25-28, 2020

Where: Detroit, MI

How to attend: Register here.

Cost: $595 per ticket.

Business Agility Conference

What: The Business Agility Institute (BAI) puts on this conference connecting executives, thought leaders and practitioners of business agility methods. The conference shows leaders how to build a competitive advantage with “agility,” which includes adapting and responding to changing market conditions, customer demands and internal company needs. Expect speaker sessions and facilitated peer-group discussions.

Who should go: Anyone interested in business agility leadership concepts such as how to get a growth mindset geared to continuous learning and how to make decisions in ambiguous environments. The conference also covers operational concepts like structural agility. 

When: March 11-12, 2020 

Where: Convene Event Space, New York, NY

How to attend: Register here.

Cost: $1,450 at early-bird pricing (through Jan. 31, 2020), $1,800 at regular price and $1,200 for tickets purchased in groups of four.

Leadercast Live

What: The team at Leadercast produces the largest single-day leadership conference in the world. Leadercast Live offers sessions and speakers with “actionable insights, stories and tools” to guide leaders on their journeys, per its website. Leadercast 2020 will explain “why disruption is the best way to make positive, lasting changes,” per the company website.  

Who should go: Leaders from all sectors who crave first-hand advice on varying approaches to leadership. The event is geared towards all kinds of leaders, not just those in the business world or executive suite. 

When: May 7, 2020

Where: Duluth, GA

How to attend: Buy a ticket here

Cost: $75 for student admission, $149 for general admission and $700 for the “executive experience.”

Chief Executive Leadership Summit

Who: The team behind Chief Executive, an organization that targets CEOs and senior executives through publications, peer networks and events,  puts on this two-day summit, considered one of the premier senior leadership conferences in the U.S. The Chief Executive Leadership Summit shares peer-tested strategies that help leaders accelerate company profitability and growth.

Who should go: Anyone who wants leadership and management training. However, the Summit is specifically geared toward corporate directors and CEOs of large companies.

When: November 4-6, 2020 

Where: Phoenix, AZ

How to attend: Register here

Cost: $2,995 per ticket. 

Techstars Startup Week

What: Techstars partners with cities around the globe to host this free conference aimed at supporting and developing thriving entrepreneurial communities. Various learning tracks take attendees into venues across the city for five days of speakers, events and networking opportunities.

Who should go: Entrepreneurs looking to gain a wide variety of leadership skills and build a support network within their local startup community.

When/Where: Various dates in cities across the world, including New York City, Bogota, Atlanta and Bergen.

How to attend: Review the upcoming conference schedule, and choose an event.

Cost: Free!

EY's Strategic Growth Forum ®

What: Professional services firm EY (Ernst & Young) hosts this business conference that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and speakers from market-leading companies for four days of growth-focused sessions, networking and events. Past speakers include big names like HuffPost founder Arianna Huffington and Adobe president and CEO Shatanu Narayen. The event culminates in EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year Award ®.

Who should go: Executives, who by invitation only will learn to scale high-growth, industry-leading companies.

When: November 11-15, 2020.

Where: Palm Springs, CA

How to attend: Request an invitation here.

Cost: The registration fee for accepted executives is $3,295 -- or $2,795 without gala attendance -- and includes a spouse/domestic partner.  

Tugboat Institute Summit

What: At this gathering, purpose-driven CEOs and company presidents share takeaways in a series of TED-style talks and panel discussions on how to build and grow private businesses. The Summit is an extension of the invite-only Tugboat Institute, which aims to build private companies that are profitable, long-lasting and make a long-term difference in the world. Past speakers include Forbes senior editor Loren Feldman and Firespring founder Jay Wilkinson, the serial entrepreneur behind Nebraska’s first certified B Corp

Who should go: The conference is only available to Tugboat Institute members, whom we presume share the organization’s interest in building leaders and companies that positively impact employees, customers, suppliers, communities and families.  

When: June 23-25, 2020

Where: Sun Valley, ID

How to attend: Apply to join the Tugboat Institute here. Members must be experienced CEOs or presidents of an evergreen company with over $5 million in revenue.

Cost: Free for Tugboat Institute members.