How a U.K. Mortgage Lender Became an Industry Leader by Sticking to Its Vision

How a U.K. Mortgage Lender Became an Industry Leader by Sticking to Its Vision

By Kendall Fisher, executive producer at Grow Wire 
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Landbay is a U.K.-based lending company with the niche mission of creating a more accessible buy-to-let mortgage marketplace for investors, borrowers and brokers, combining market expertise with technological innovation to benefit all parties involved. Landbay creates access to a new type of investment opportunity for the everyday lender, helping investors reap the financial returns offered in the competitive U.K. buy-to-let mortgage market and supporting responsible borrowers in securing access to faster funding.

We sat down with Chief Operating Officer Julian Cork, who explained how the company’s clear-cut focus resulted in Landbay becoming the leading buy-to-let mortgage lender in just four years. In fact, Landbay was voted Buy-to-Let Lender of the Year by the Mortgage Intelligence Awards in 2018.

Cork insists Landbay’s strategy is key across the board: Successful companies have to stick to their vision in order to fulfill their mission without straying too far off course.

“Obviously we need to look at things around the edges, but keep with the vision, otherwise you get distracted,” he said. “It can be tempting to do a lot, but that can derail you from being focused on your core vision.”

And the proof is in the pudding: Landbay has delivered on more than 1,300 mortgages, £292 million in total lending and £415 million in total property value. 

To learn more, watch our interview with Julian Cork in the video above.

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