Jason Sudeikis on the Impact of Improv in the Workplace

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

By Kendall Fisher, executive producer at Grow Wire


The key to success in improvisation is the ability to say, “Yes, and…” in any situation, allowing a scene to continue to grow and develop.  

But this strategy isn’t just crucial to acting. It’s also an important exercise to consider in business.

Actor and comedian, Jason Sudeikis, sat down with Grow Wire to discuss the impact improvisation and a “yes, and…” mentality can have in the workplace, especially in dealing with different personalities. In fact, he dives into an empowering story about his audition for the world renown improv group, The Second City, in which he was presented with the test of being partnered with a difficult actor.

Watch the video above to hear how Jason Sudeikis put that “yes, and…” strategy into practice and what happened because of it.