Fithouse Focuses on Empathy Amid Layoffs and Uncertainty

Fithouse Focuses on Empathy Amid Layoffs and Uncertainty

By Kendall Fisher, executive producer

Fithouse is the New York-based, all-in-one fitness studio offering a range of classes from high-intensity interval training to yoga, dance, sculpt and more. Due to mandated closures across the United States amid COVID-19, the company -- which normally runs three studios across the city -- had to quickly change its business model, moving to an on-demand platform so it could offer virtual memberships and classes.

We discussed with Senior Financial Controller Gaby Diamond how Fithouse handled the shift, including the difficult necessity of laying off beloved instructors and employees. 

Diamond said the company focused on empathy, having meaningful conversations with each employee who was laid off and answering any difficult questions they had around filing for unemployment, healthcare and more. Diamond also noted that her role has changed to becoming more along the lines of an HR position to assist employees through this difficult time. She’s even scheduled virtual meetings and events with laid-off employees to continue to raise their spirits and remind them that they’re still part of the Fithouse family. 

Watch the video above to hear more about how Fithouse continues to manage both internal and external communications, how this shift will impact its business and where Diamond sees the fitness industry headed. 

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