This Company Makes Sustainable Clothes and Hires Disabled Adults. Why Doing Good is Good Business

This Company Makes Sustainable Clothes and Hires Disabled Adults. Why Doing Good is Good Business

By Kendall Fisher, executive producer at Grow Wire 

In honor of Giving Tuesday, this episode of “The Grow Wire Show” features Toad&Co, an outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand aimed at providing its customers with a wardrobe they can wear hiking or biking or to a restaurant, a bar or even to work.

Now you’re probably wondering: Where does Giving Tuesday fit into that?

Toad&Co's mission extends far beyond just growing its bottom line with great fashion. At the core of the company is the desire to make a difference in the world through two primary goals: helping the planet and helping people.

You might not know that the apparel industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water in the world, and although it’s not the easy road, Toad&Co has been determined to change that since its genesis in 1995. The company minimizes its impact on the planet by utilizing sustainable, eco-friendly materials through every avenue of business—from production to manufacturing to shipping. In fact, by Spring 2019, Toad&Co will release its very first line created 100 percent from eco-friendly materials.

However, CEO Gordon Seabury wanted to do even more to make an impact. After realizing how few companies sought out to help people, he decided Toad&Co needed to be one of them. The company teamed up with Search, Inc. in 1997 to form Planet Access Company, a logistics warehouse that provides career opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. On average, only 35 percent of people with disabilities in the United States are employed—a number that drops to 9 percent for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Toad&Co is determined to close that gap.

Although the company has seen a successful and rewarding outcome from setting out to do good, it didn’t come without its fair share of obstacles, doubt and challenges.

Watch the video above and take a journey behind the scenes at Toad&Co and its inspirational approach to sustainability and working with the disabled.

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