The 5 KPIs Every Media And Entertainment Company Should Consider

The 5 KPIs Every Media And Entertainment Company Should Consider

  By Suzy Strutner, Managing Editor at Grow Wire

In short:

  • In the media and entertainment industry, financials often aren’t heavily considered when comparing a company to its competitors.
  • One of the best ways to improve your business is to measure your performance and then compare it to peers in your industry.
  • The chart below shows industry benchmarks for key KPIs so you can compare your business’s financial prowess to others.

Defining your media and entertainment company’s success can be tough, especially when it comes to financials. It’s helpful to compare your business’s metrics to those of others, so you know where you need to grow in order to compete with The Big Guys.

The team behind Grow Wire routinely measures the financial health of media and entertainment companies worldwide with help from Finlistics, a sales insights company. Their most recent research can help you analyze exactly how your business competes with others from a financials standpoint.

Take a look at your financials, then use the chart below to determine if you’re performing at a “Marginal,” “Competitive,” “Best In Class” or “Transformative” level.

If you want to improve your standing, then you may want to make some changes. Of course, reading stories on Grow Wire can help too.