Former NFL Pro Joe Rose Has the Playbook for Anyone Looking to Change Careers

Former NFL Pro Joe Rose Has the Playbook for Anyone Looking to Change Careers

By Justin Biel, trends editor at Grow Wire

As we prep for Super Bowl LIII, we're talking career tips with Joe Rose, a former Miami Dolphin and current sports commentator. A standout player in college, Rose went on to play five seasons for the Dolphins. After his NFL career, Rose melded his love for football and his competitive spirit into a role in sports broadcasting.

The same qualities that made Rose successful as a professional athlete helped him in broadcasting, he told Grow Wire.

"Business isn't just about collecting a check," Rose said. "Do something you're passionate about, something you're proud of and something you want to work and get better at."

Rose relied on passion--first for football and later for broadcasting--to stay committed and work hard over the years. But his career switch required more than just passion.

To evolve in any career, “you have to have the courage to push yourself outside your comfort zone,” he said. 

Whether vying for a Super Bowl championship or their next dream role, winners need both passion and the courage to venture into uncharted territory.

Watch the video above to hear Rose’s take on career success.


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