Warriors’ CFO Jennifer Cabalquinto Delivers Her Winning Business Playbook

Warriors’ CFO Jennifer Cabalquinto Delivers Her Winning Business Playbook

By Miranda Myers, staff writer at Grow Wire

The Golden State Warriors know what it means to win. After all, they’ve played in the last four NBA Championships—and won three of them. 

But what happens behind the scenes of a growing basketball empire? 

On this episode of the "Grow Wire Podcast” we sat down with Jennifer Cabalquinto, chief financial officer of the Golden State Warriors. Diving into her background in entertainment and amusement parks, she reveals the path that led her to the Warriors and answers the burning question you’re probably asking yourself right now: What does a CFO of an NBA team actually do? Cabalquinto also discusses the importance of being a thriving female in a male-dominated field and the role both she and the back-office team have played in the continued success of the Warriors. 

“The key to a championship organization is hiring the right people, and I think you can see that reflected in the leadership group [with the Warriors],” Cabalquinto said. 

Although she admits she has no veto power over players with huge signing bonuses or large contract sums, she is in control of most of the other funds.  

“As a CFO I always say that everything in a business has a dollar associated with it. So I can be involved with anything and everything,” she said.

Using that mentality to her advantage, she plans to expand business within the G League and Esports very soon ... and maybe, just maybe, a WNBA team, too.

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